We invest in your company

  • High tech (information, environmental, medical, and very selectively other areas);
  • Services (including financial), showing a scalability potential;
  • Industries with low capital consumption.

What we do

The Pilot Fish funds invest in fast growth companies based mainly in France and Switzerland; and selectively the rest of the world. Pilot Fish positions itself as a series of finder's funds, structuring and syndicating investments with its Limited Partners and managing these investments for the syndicate.

Our Background

Investments are made in companies offering strong growth perspectives, with a reasonable valuation and a significant financial upside potential. They should request a limited capital infusion to reach their break-even point and be managed by high quality entrepreneurs and executives.

Pilot Fish provides strong support to entrepreneurs by leveraging its Limited Partners basis to provide contacts, expertise and capital. It actively monitor the investments and regularly challenge the management on assumptions, plans and perspectives. It provides expertise on financing, recruitment, partnership and other matters whenever it is necessary.