Portfolio companies

Pilot Fish I funds have invested in four portfolio companies:

Training Orchestra is a publisher of training management software and training centers software. Recognized for its achievements and innovation, Training Orchestra serves over 250 customers and 500,000 users worldwide. About Training Orchestra: www.training-orchestra.com

AV Editions designs cardboard games for teenagers, young adults, young couples and families. Its concepts lie in winning through collaboration. The company sells in 17 countries a portfolio of 8 series of games. About AV Editions: www.av-editions.com

SuitArt is a franchise manager of boutiques dedicated to tailored suits for men, offering a wide range of fabrics, styles and focusing on high-end services. Emphasizing the Swiss quality, it operates a network in Switzerland, Germany and Spain. About SuitArt: www.suitart.com/en

QualySense develops high-end solutions for grains, seeds and beans analysis. Its devices sort grains, seeds and beans reliably by biochemical and/or geometrical properties. Its sorting devices generate benefits in quality control, process optimization, and risk management. About QualySense: www.qualysense.com